​Want to remix a Guster song?

We’ve launched a remix contest for the Look Alive bonus song “When You Go Quiet.” You’ve got until July 9th to enter: https://skiomusic.com/r/2ie

This song is very dear to us, even though it didn’t officially make it onto the Look Alive album. It’s the bonus track on physical (not digital) copies of the album though, so you might already know it. We’re going to be digitally releasing that song, along with some other leftovers from the Look Alive sessions later this summer, plus a winner of the contest we select to be gloriously enshrined forever on a Guster EP next to the original. Glory! Enshrinement!

Tell every DJ you know or become one yourself! Or just download the files to hear what our isolated vocals / drums / guitars sound like. Have fun playing with our tracks!