Ganging Up On The Sun (Expanded) Out June 4th

We are re-releasing our 2006 album Ganging Up on the Sun as an expanded 24-song digital album extravaganza, complete with all the b-side recordings from the sessions, demo versions of songs, and more. This album came out 15 years ago and we consider it a “holder-upper."

To show we’re serious we are releasing the song "Emily Ivory" today. This was a song that we probably spent a full month recording in 2005. Self-producing for the first time ever, with new band member Joe Pisapia at the helm, we considered "Emily Ivory" to be the secret weapon on this album. Ryan was playing melodic chords on the bass guitar (kind of like he did on the intro to “Diane”) and we made a groovy conga-heavy pop song out of it. Tyler Stewart of BNL heard it and proclaimed it his favorite Guster song!  And yet, the band soured on it and it didn’t make it on to GUOTS.

I still remember the last day in the studio, forcing Ryan to sing my lyrics even though I knew they were off. It was like pulling teeth. The writing was on the wall that this beast of a track had lost its luster for Guster. It’s taken 15 full years for us to feel comfortable sharing this song with you.

So enjoy “Emily Ivory." Engulf yourself in a peppy all-instrumental jam we named “Sorority Tears” before we nix’d it. Check out our cover of Daniel Johnston’s “The Sun Shines Down on Me” and Dylan’s “This Wheel’s On Fire” — there’s a lot to dig into with the re-release when it comes out June, 4th 2021.

You can pre-save the album today on Spotify and Apple Music.