Release Week Festivities

Look Alive is almost upon us and there's quite the packed week of cool stuff going on leading up to the big day. Here's everywhere the band will be huddled in cool book stores or playing live on airwaves:

- Live performance on WGBH's Boston Public Radio around 1:30PM ET
- Live performance on WERS at 5PM

- WNYC Soundcheck Live at 1PM ET (Live on Facebook)>
- Guster tries improv at UCB East Village in NYC - 7:30PM

- Look Alive Tour Kicks Off in Clifton Park

- Guster on NBC's Late Night with Seth Meyers. Technically this takes place on Friday, but you know how late night TV works.

- Look Alive is out!
- Ted Allen Interviews Guster at the Strand Book Store in NYC - 7PM

- Catch Guster on live national TV on CBS Saturday Morning
- Observed "Guster Day" in Boston at House of Blues

Monday 1/21
- Thundergod Reddit AMA at 1PM ET