1. Long Night
  2. Endlessly
  3. Doin' It By Myself
  4. Lazy Love
  5. Simple Machine
  6. Expectation
  7. Gangway
  8. Kid Dreams
  9. Never Coming Down
  10. It Is What It Is
  11. Farewell
Long Night [Dim Sum Remix]
  1. Long Night [Dim Sum Remix]
Live With The Redacted Symphony
  1. Satellite (Live)
  2. What You Call Love (Live)
  3. Ramona (Live)
  4. Two Points for Honesty (Live)
  5. Fa Fa (Live)
  6. This Is How It Feels To Have A Broken Heart (Live)
  7. Lightning Rod (Live)
  8. Demons (Live)
  9. On The Ocean (Live)
  10. Come Downstairs and Say Hello (Live)
Live Acoustic
  1. Backyard
  2. Do You Love Me
  3. Long Way Down
  4. That's No Way to Get to Heaven
  5. What You Call Love
  6. Beginning of the End
  7. Diane
  8. Rocketship
  9. Empire State
  10. Rise and Shine
  11. Two Points for Honesty
  12. Either Way
  13. Satellite
  14. Rainy Day
  15. Hang On
  16. This Could All Be Yours
On The Ocean - EP
  1. On The Ocean (Radio Edit)
  2. Big White Bed
  3. Every Moment
  4. Satellite (Live At The Met Museum of Art)
  5. That's No Way to Get to Heaven (Live At The Met Museum of Art)
  6. This Is How It Feels to Have a Broken Heart (Mitchell Spinach Re-Mix)
Easy Wonderful
  1. Architects & Engineers
  2. Do You Love Me
  3. On the Ocean
  4. This Could All Be Yours
  5. Stay With Me Jesus
  6. Bad Bad World
  7. This Is How It Feels to Have a Broken Heart
  8. What You Call Love
  9. That's No Way to Get to Heaven
  10. Jesus and Mary
  11. Hercules
  12. Do What You Want
Ganging Up on the Sun
  1. Lightning Rod
  2. Satellite
  3. Manifest Destiny
  4. One Man Wrecking Machine
  5. The Captain
  6. The New Underground
  7. Ruby Falls
  8. C'mon
  9. Empire State
  10. Dear Valentine
  11. The Beginning of the End
  12. Hang On
Keep It Together
  1. Diane
  2. Careful
  3. Amsterdam
  4. Backyard
  5. Homecoming King
  6. Ramona
  7. Jesus On The Radio
  8. Keep It Together
  9. Come Downstairs & Say Hello
  10. Red Oyster Cult
  11. Long Way Down
  12. I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today
Lost and Gone Forever
  1. What You Wish For
  2. Barrel of a Gun
  3. Either Way
  4. Fa Fa
  5. I Spy
  6. Center of Attention
  7. All The Way Up to Heaven
  8. Happier
  9. So Long
  10. Two Points for Honesty
  11. Rainy Day
  1. Great Escape
  2. Demons
  3. Perfect
  4. Airport Song
  5. Medicine
  6. X-Ray Eyes
  7. Grin
  8. Getting Even
  9. Bury Me
  10. Rocketship
  1. Fall in Two
  2. Mona Lisa
  3. Love For Me
  4. Window
  5. Eden
  6. Scars & Stitches
  7. The Prize
  8. Dissolve
  9. Cocoon
  10. Happy Frappy
  11. Parachute

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