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Still hard to believe we now put on our own summer festival, Gusterrhoids. Before we dig into the details of the second annual On the Ocean weekend in Adam’s home state of Maine, here’s a brief video showing Sportscenter-style highlights from our amazing weekend last year:

This year it all goes down August 4th at Thompson’s Point in Portland ME, with a concert August 3rd at the legendary State Theater as well.  That’s where we filmed the Guster on Ice DVD!  There’s a good chance we’re gonna play in front of a dumpster or a gazebo at some point too. It’s an absolute honor to be creating new music and making new fans and friends 26 years into this journey.  Hope you can make the trip to Maine this summer!

Single day tickets to Thompson's Point on August 4th are on sale now. Single day tickets to the State Theatre on August 3rd are also on sale now.

Weekend passes and Early Bird VIP weekend passes are currently sold out.

Get full info on all the festivities at


Will You Be Releasing More General Admission Weekend Passes?


Will You Be Releasing More VIP Weekend Passes?

No. VIP passes are sold out.

How Do I Get Into The State Theatre Concert If I Didn't Get A Weekend Pass / VIP Pass?

Click here to buy your single day State Theatre tickets.

How Do I Get Into The Thompson's Point Concert If I Didn't Get A Weekend Pass / VIP Pass?

Click here to buy your single day Thompson's Point ticket.

When Will The On The Ocean Lineup Be Announced?

Soon :)

Can you upgrade from a single day or weekend pass to a VIP pass?


Can you upgrade a single day ticket to a weekend pass?

No, weekend passes are completely sold out.

We are very proud to be recording our 8th studio album this winter. As of now there are thirteen songs in various stages of “complete” — we’ll have more details about this very soon. But we’ve decided that a Boston show, in the middle of it all, will be quite epic. Don’t you think? We plan to play a few new songs in this headlining set, and re-enter the studio energized from the show.

Here are the details. Yes, this year we’re declaring January 13th to be “Guster Day” and the mayor will simply have to adjust his calendar.

Hope to see you there, Gusterrhoids!

January 13th
House of Blues
Boston, MA
Presale | Tickets | Info

This is a big announcement for us, Gusterrhoids! We’re putting on one final 25th Anniversary Weekend this summer at Thompson’s Point in Portland Maine.  August 12th.  We’re calling it “GUSTER — ON THE OCEAN” because the show is, well… waterfront.

And we’ve got The Maine Youth Rock Orchestra performing a set with us that night! And we’ve got a small all ages harbor cruise concert on 8/11! And we’re gonna kayak to a remote island and play an all ages concert on 8/13!  No one will starve / drown! And we’ve got a special Guster Party Amtrak train going up from Boston on 8/12 with special rates! And we’ve got the Ghost of Paul Revere and Spencer Albee opening up the show! And Adam’s gonna tell you all where to eat / drink / paddle board because he’s from Maine!

The milking of our 25th Anniversary officially ends with ON THE OCEAN and we’re going out with a destination weekend celebration the likes of which you won’t see again until we begin milking our 30th anniversary in 2022.  

Tix ($40) go on sale Wednesday 5/3 at 10am via pre-sale (Code: ONTHEOCEAN) or Friday 5/5 at 10am to the general public. Get full info on all the festivities at:

Invite your friends to the Facebook event:

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