A new Pledge opportunity to sing with Brian -- this Sunday, August 17th in NYC: A private Karaoke experience you'll *never forget* with legendary conguero Brian Rosenworcel. Five tickets available at $300 each. Tickets are first-come-first-serve and include karaoke, drinks, and Brian knows awesome strange places for food in Koreatown afterwards. 


We're teaming up with the L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools in Freeport, Maine on Sunday September 14th for the first ever Camp Guster! It'll be a day of paddling, lawn games and archery followed by a sunset BBQ and acoustic set. We want to keep it intimate so we're only selling 50 tickets. Each ticket comes with a digital copy of the forthcoming Guster album. Children ages 7 and under admitted free with an adult ticket.

Adam's non-profit Reverb is offering fans an opportunity to earn a digital copy of the new Guster album by volunteering in their community between August 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014! All you have to do is volunteer, take a photo, and submit your info via this form. You'll receive a digital copy of the album on release day!

Hey everyone. Check out THE FIRST SONG ON OUR NEW ALBUM:

You can listen to it 100 times if you want. "Long Night" is one we're very proud of. It's track one in the sequence, but you still have no idea what kind of album we made. We flex many muscles on this record. We're effing ripped on this record. Stick with us while we roll this thing out.

We're so grateful to everyone who has joined our PLEDGE campaign so far! Money raised through your pre-orders and your involvement in our online-telethon-of-sorts allows us to create and promote our music. Thank you!

Visit the page and spread the word as we continue to add new ideas. Pay special attention to "Camp Guster" on September 14th -- if you can be in Maine that day, please join us while we shoot archeries at each other and sing songs by the campfire. Kids 7 and under are free. This is the one to bring the family to, folks!

Much love!


Big news! The first song from the new album is streaming exclusively for folks who have pre-ordered the album on Head over to Pledge to give it a listen.

Our new album is set for release early next year, and we've put together a pretty spectacular PLEDGE page -- full of our very own interactive ideas -- where you can pre-order the album and much much more. Here's why you should visit the site.

Visit, if only to see the "Never Again Guster Bobbleheads" that you can win as a prize
Visit, because we have three new LIVE albums and they are awesome
Visit, if only to watch a video where we're wearing blazers while farm animals crap on us
Visit, because Ryan might come to your house and DJ a party dressed as Chewbacca?
Visit, if only to see what we came up with when brainstorming ways to get involved with our fans.

Visit, because this is how we can continue to make music. Make videos. Make acoustic albums. Play on the TV. Tour the world. For the first time since 1997, we are preparing an independent release, and that means we're going to do what we did when we first started out, zit-pocked, fresh out of college, in a van that veered to the left if you took your hands off the wheel -- turn to our fans, get creative, and have fun.

With this PLEDGE campaign, anyone who orders anything at all (say like, a copy of the new record) gets an "All Access Pass" -- which means you become part of a group that gets ridiculous giveaways, helps name our album, and otherwise swims in the inner sanctum of Guster's belly. This whole thing is a lot to digest, so chew slowly, and send along any questions you might have.

We love you.


Ryan is teaming up with 92.5 The River and the Nantucket Music Festival for a special acoustic set at The Colonnade Hotel Boston's rooftop on Thursday July 10th. The event is all ages so anyone can attend. Win tickets right here.

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